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Anti-Communist Manifesto (1975)

Subject: Anti-Communist Manifesto (1975)
Dear Mr. Klobouk,
I was fortunate enough to enjoy a visit to the Communist Museum in Prague last week, and even more fortunate to choose to purchase your book. I devoured every word and find it the most relevant work even today to someone interested in finding checks and balances and limitations on the anti-terror national security state that is growing daily in America.
I would like to know that I can direct people to your email to obtain a copy of the book directly from you—or if not, what is the best way to purchase the book online?
The price you paid for the experience to know to write your words was very, very steep, and I thank God you understood what was happening and you able to describe its essence for posterity—and thank you!
David S. , Chicago



The English edition of this document, written in Czech in Canada in 1975, was inspired by my recent visit to The Museum of Communism in Prague. I was astounded to encounter the sacred relics of the totalitarian regime on display for everyone to see: tools of socialist propaganda, statues of tyrants stripped to nakedness, slices of everyday life as empty as the bare grocery store shelves, fading flags, shiny medals and anti-American slogans in the most vitriolic of languages. The interrogator's room of the Secret Police (STB) envelops you with horror. You can hear the weak voice of your contemporary confessing after a sleepless night to a crime he or she didn't commit. You can almost smell the decomposing bodies of those who dared oppose the Big Red Lie.
For an unsuspecting spectator, an accidental tourist or the one who actually endured this nightmare, the exposition of things past is shattering. It is a great relief to enter the liberated streets of Prague. After all, not long ago, this part of the world was on a descending path of catastrophe - but then, one day a miracle happened. Many generations were subjected to tyranny of a proportion never experienced before or since. The Museum of Communism is a memorial to all victims, dead or alive - hundreds of millions of them.
I spent twenty years (between 1948 and 1968) in a "proletarian paradise". The last thing I expected to see during my lifetime was the fall of communism. It finally unraveled with domino-like effect in 1989. The sudden turn of events can be attributed to a number of factors listed here in chronological order:

1) Jazz music and its branching out in different directions from pop to rock. This music carried the seeds of freedom which rooted in the hearts and minds of youth everywhere.
2) The computer (communication) age which made it possible for uncensored information to cross international borders. 3) Lech Walesa, the Polish labour leader who challenged his communist masters with an iron will at the beginning of the 1980's. Pope John Paul II's blessing broadened his base of supporters.
4) President Ronald Reagan, a visionary of the earth's strongest democracy, who followed his words with deeds.
5) The strange appearance (and disappearance) of Mikhail Gorbachov on the Soviet Union's political scene. At that time no one expected that a party member indoctrinated by the state's morbid ideology would propose the demise of a system of which he himself was an inseparable part.
6) As a result of all the above, an ideological, economic and military surrender of The Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics has occurred. It was the surrender of a country which had inflicted nothing but misery on humankind for most of the 20th Century.
The aim of this book is to remind all who care that justice has yet to be done. The march of fascism and communism, the two most genocidal political systems of the past century, came to an abrupt end. The post-Second World War order gave us assurance that Hitler's followers would never get another chance.
But up to this date, the new Russian state has not expressed regret. The most gruesome period in the history of man , which lasted 72 years, must never be forgotten. We must persevere, day and night, tirelessly and decisively, in requesting that Stalin's children denounce the crimes of their blood-soaked predecessors.
Finally, I have one more reason to resurrect this book in an English translation: when American writer Francis Fukuyama proclaimed the fall of communism to be the end of history, a new chapter of history had just began - the rise of Islamic religious fanaticisism. The events of September 11, 2001 made us realize the challenges ahead for the survival of civilization. This time our adversary is not Hitler or Stalin-like dictators but the omnipotent God of al-Qaeda-backed Islamic terrorists. To get rid of this God in the twisted minds and crippled souls of suicidal zealots is now the task of Sisyphus. When afterdeath becomes the prime objective of one's existence, life itself is meaningless. Communists (terrorist cells) had firmly established themselves in practically every corner of the world by 1975; Islamists (terrorist cells) are similarly established amongst us in 2003. Reasoning will do nothing to stop them. Only our resolve will.



……………………The tragedy of life for every individual is that it is unrepeatable. A human being wants to live his unique and unrepeatable life in happiness from birth to final breath. Each human being is well aware that if he does not experience at least a little happiness during this unique period, his life is useless and wasted. The International Communist (terrorist and subversive) Organization makes full use of humanity’s search and groping for happiness for its own benefit. This arises from the knowledge that generation after generation of the human population is divided into two parts of unequal size: the happiness-seeking majority, indefatigably wandering from town to town, from village to village, from the tip of the ploughed field to the one on the distant horizon, along paths and off paths. Then there is the power-seeking minority which boldly professes it knows the way to happiness; that it knows for certain beyond which hill, which cliff, which forest and valley happiness can be found. Thus it came to be that from the first day of the IC(ts)0’s conception armed with the artificially constructed political theory of The Communist Manifesto (1848), it assumed the role of the unabashed ruler over the happiness-seeking majority. But this leading role was never entrusted to the criminal minority by this majority of happiness-seeking people. The criminal minority took hold of the leading role by way of deceit, terror and subversive activities. For decades it has ruled the majority with an iron fist and never allowed the majority to discuss the shameless leading role of the minority, or to change anything about this abnormal state through a vote. The leading role of the communist minority everywhere the IC(ts)O minority is in power is a role fabricated and artificially constructed from the base: The communist minority has never and will never be about showing decent people the road to happiness.
This kind of deceitful minority that professes to know something, but only acts in its own power interests, is an evil minority. The deceitful machine of the evil minority, which has been running on full throttle to carry out its perfidious goals, can only be stopped at the cost of another world catastrophe. The criminal, who has firmly decided to achieve his criminal aim, will never voluntarily step aside. The roots of the criminal are roots of evil. The International Communist (terrorist and subversive) Organization is completely submerged in evil, and the spreading of evil is its primary mission. It’s no wonder that two classes stand in opposition to one another in countries where IC(ts)O minority groups are in power: the ruling class and the class that is ruled; the class of communist predators and the people being preyed upon. This kind of state, of country, is then a state and country of mutual hatred. An irreconcilable, unending struggle exists between these two classes. The ruling class has the arms, the secret police, countless informers, the army, an extensive network of concentration camps and prisons, impermeable borders and all means of propaganda. The class being preyed upon has only its bare hands and beating hearts. The preyed-upon citizen is pressed into a dark corner with the threat that the dagger held before his eyes by the laughing tyrant will be mercilessly thrust through his beating heart if he does not lick in humiliation the shining blade. He is thus given the choice to decide between life and death. Assuming that this citizen is a worker in a nationalized factory for knives and daggers, the blade he is offered to lick is that of the dagger he himself produced.